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SPECIAL Live Episode: April 2, 2020: Parenting During this Unprecedented Time. How to parent from a more mindful place.

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EP: 24 – How We Can Eat to Live… Joyfully! With Nomi Levy, Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

What is the best nutrition advice you’ve ever received? How about the worst? 

In a day and age where there is an overabundance of often conflicting nutrition related information, it can be both calming and clarifying to find the right information for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the nutrition and mindset shifts that can most effectively upgrade your wellbeing and happiness. Nomi Levy, the guest in today’s show, shares research based, common sense, sustainable wellness advice for you. 

Nomi is a board-certified health and wellness coach affiliated with Duke Integrative Medicine at Duke University. She’s an avid runner and a yogi, and she sees coaching clients with a variety of health needs both online from all over the world and in person at her Jerusalem office. You can follow her at @Nomiknowshealth on Instagram, and send her your questions by visiting

Thank you to the supporter of today’s episode, Thryve personalized probiotic system. Visit and enter code WITHIN for 15% off of your first purchase. Valid March 3 – April 3, 2020

EP: 23 – How To Tap into Magnificence (and stop self-sabotage and unwanted stress) with Brad Yates

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Chronic stress can severely limit our well being and general functioning. 

In this episode of the Within Us podcast, guest Brad Yates, expert on Emotional Freedom Technique, or ‘EFT’ Energy Tapping (he’s also known as the EFT Wizard), explains the mechanism through which tapping works, and how we can learn to empower ourselves to live more fully and fearlessly by using it. 

He speaks about the reasons for self-sabotage that people so often experience, even as they are consciously working toward achieving their goals. 

Whether in fitness or finances, relationships or everyday living, this episode offers real-time, practical, and easy to implement solutions to stop self sabotaging, lower stress levels, and increase overall well being.

To connect with Brad Yates and learn more about his work, visit his website where you’ll also find links to his Youtube channel and links to his children’s books! 

EP: 22 – How to Take Back Control of Your Digital Life – With Kim Cavallo on Digital Wellness

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Our guest today, Kim Cavallo, asks us the following question:

“What is it that inspires you to forget about your phone and your screens?”

Kim is a proponent of Digital Wellness. She first became aware of the problem that mobile devices presented when she found herself in the bathroom of a yoga studio reading her emails instead of pressing her hands in down dog. In between anxious impulses to check her phone, the idea for a new app was born.

With her 25 years experience raising money and connecting people to non-profit causes, Kim began to focus on how to encourage those around her to put away their phones and be in the moment.

Kim’s work is positioned at the center of mindfulness and social impact, developing mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships between businesses and non-profit organizations. When Kim puts away her phone, she loves to spend time with her husband + 2 adult sons, doing yoga and traveling.

You can connect with Kim or by visiting and sending her an email. Kim is partnered with the National Day of Unplugging – visit and take the pledge.

EP: 21 – How to Live with More Presence and Purpose

with Guest Benjamin Epstein, Ph,D.

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Mindfulness has become a buzz word in many different circles recently, but what is this craze all about and why is mindfulness being touted as the answer to so many of life’s perplexing problems?

In today’s episode, we delve into this topic – what mindfulness is – both from a spiritual and from a clinical perspective.

Our guest is Rabbi Benjamin Epstein, Ph.D., an experienced psychologist, author, and speaker who blends traditional Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) with cognitive behavioral, spiritual, and acceptance techniques.

He is also the author of “Living in the Presence: A Jewish Mindfulness Guide for Everyday Life,” a work designed to provide a practical roadmap to the discovery of purpose.

Drawing from religious and mystical texts, this book and the conversation around this book brings forth universal insights for how to live with more wellness, happiness, and presence.

You can access the book here:

Meditations from ‘Dr. Benjy’ can be accessed here: and he can be reached via email at:

EP: 20 – How to Speak to Yourself so that You will Flourish

With guest Marc Cordon

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Do you talk to yourself? Chances are that the answer is yes. In today’s episode, guest Marc Cordon shares the story of how he discovered the transformational power of intentional self-talk. 

He shares his journey to joy, and what inspired him to become an expert on positive psychology. We speak seriously about depression – what Marc has gone through and how it has shaped his life, his work, and what he teaches. He shares tips and advice for how to talk to yourself so that you can live happier. You may laugh and cry listening to this episode, plus you’ll walk away with useful techniques for dealing with the negative thinking that is so often a part of what goes on inside the mind.

Marc has coached entrepreneurs, Ph.D.’s, public servants, musicians, parents, other coaches and just cool people who want to make a difference. He explains that ‘It is an insane feeling to share the collywobbles and goosebumps that someone gets when he has an “AHA!” moment or to hear the deep sigh of relief that is released when a client figures out that she is no longer stuck.’ To connect with Marc, you can visit 

EP: 19 – The Healing Power of Hope with Kaley Zeitouni

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In this episode, Azriela interviews Kaley Zeitouni, who at a very young age was diagnosed with a devastating disease. 

She recalls her journey over the past two decades – what she did and how she thought in order to deal with the challenges posed by a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and accompanying symptoms from such a young age. 

Her optimism, hope, and dedication to healing has yielded results beyond what any of her doctors could have imagined, and in fact, she is known in the medical community as a ‘miracle child.’ 

Kaley believes that her healing, while it may appear to be miraculous, is also the result of the practices that she has implemented. She shares some of those practices on the show, detailing how she has prevailed – against all odds. 

For more information about Kaley and her work helping others to heal from illness and grief in both 1:1 and group coaching settings, you can visit her website at 

Kaley is also a co-author of a brand new book, “Transforming Your Life,” which can be found using this Amazon LINK HERE

EP: 18 – Andrew David Shiller, M.D.

The rates of depression, anxiety, and chronic pain are at an all time high. Today, more than ever, people of all ages and backgrounds are suffering from the debilitating effects of these illnesses.

Educated at Harvard Medical School and Duke University, Dr. Shiller combines his research based approach and decades of practice with his personal commitment to connect with patients and inspire healing of the body, and the mind. He is on a mission to heal.

Azriela shares a snapshot of her own mental health journey which began twenty five years ago, explaining why the information in this episode is so important and needs to be heard.

“There is always hope,” she reminds. “There is always hope.”

To connect with Dr. Shiller: Get  relevant and reliable information to help you recover from chronic pain and illness, through level-headed integration of conventional medicine and natural healing in Dr. Shiller’s online community, at  Dr. Shiller is also on Facebook:

EP: 17

Noah benShea is one of North America’s most beloved poet philosophers. 

He’s been nominated for the Pulitzer prize, spoken in places such as the Library of Congress, and he has been published by Oxford University Press. 

In this episode of Within Us, he shares with Azi all about what has inspired him to inspire others over the many years of his career. He speaks about finding beauty in unexpected places, noticing miracles in everyday life, and staying hopeful through all of life’s challenges and struggles. 

His quotes and stories have inspired many millions of people, and in listening to this episode, you’ll understand why. Listen for the personal ‘miracle’ story that Azi shares with Noah toward the end of the show – his response is poetic.

To learn more about Noah’s work, visit 

EP: 16

How can we make the most out of our time with friends and family? How can we avoid unnecessary stress and tap in to the joy of celebrating?

Adena Mark Kapon knows exactly how to do this, as for years now, she has been a premiere professional event planner.

As she explains in this episode, there is a lot that goes into planning events and celebrations. Cultivating the right mindset, even in light of less-than-simple family dynamics, is ultimately the key to the success of any gathering.

In this episode, she explains what this mindset is all about, and how it is possible to make the most of time together with our loved ones.

You can learn more about Adena’s services by visiting or

EP: 15 A Bit of Calm for Our World – With Helen Abelesz

In today’s busy world, it is more important than ever to to slow down. That’s what this episode is all about. Life is too short to rush around.

We can consider our intentions, paying mind to what we’re doing –  as today’s guest Helen Abelesz explains, not just because other people are doing these things, but because we are consciously choosing.

EP: 14 Everything is joyful when you’re with Sam Glaser. In this episode, singer / songwriter/ producer and now author, Sam, shares ways in which we can live joyfully – even through difficult times in life – by creating a metaphorical ‘spiritual life raft.’ 

He explains that while his spiritual journey has inspired him to be ‘all in’ to Torah Judaism, he is very much a ‘surfer dude’ at heart, and closely connects with people of all backgrounds who are seeking. 

You’re gonna love what he says – and what he sings! You’ll hear a clip of this never before released song that Sam wrote when he was… drumroll… a child! (And would you believe, its all about joy, too!) Learn more about Sam and his new book here:

EP: 13 There are a handful of teachers in the traditional Jewish world who are inspired about sharing sacred Torah teachings with the world at large.  Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler is a leader in this movement, a regular contributor to a variety of news outlets inspired to share the universal aspects of Torah with the world.

Listen to her explain why in this episode and visit  to learn more about her book, ‘Ten from the Nations,’ or to read a selection of her articles.

EP: 12 “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match,” is the perfect song for this episode with dating, love, and marriage expert, Daniella Rudoff. Listen to her wise advice about how to date and relate smarter here and visit her website to learn more about her services or her new course:

EP: 11 Imagine scrolling through social media on any given day and coming upon a post ‘How can I try to help you today?’ from someone who is completely genuine. That someone, Akiva Fuld, has become famous for his posts, which have now become a group and a widespread initiative of doing random acts of kindness.

Listen to his story here or join the movement here:

EP: 10 Beatie Deutsch is now running marathons on her way to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, but surprisingly, she only began running seriously less than five years ago. Hear her story of ‘couch to marathon medal winner’ in this episode and follow her journey on Instagram @marathonmother

EP: 08 Mariam Berzon is a health and wellness coach with practical, research based tools and tips to live happier. Listen to her advice on how to become your inner-coach in this episode and visit her fb page here:

EP: 06 We live in a time of more material abundance than ever, but as Rebekah Saltzman explains, our stuff may be making us work too hard. How can we own our stuff without letting it own us? Simplify our lives to free up our time? Make our spaces easy and enjoyable to inhabit?

Listen to this episode with the one and only Rebekah Saltzman of Balagan Be Gone and Journey to Organization and Zero Waste. As she famously reminds us; clear your clutter, clear your mind.

Listen here and visit Rebekah’s website here:

EP: 03 In this episode with Robin Owens, Ph,D., creator of the “Purpose Based Decision Making System,” you’ll learn how to notice hints from the Universe in order to tap in to your purpose and be of greater service. Listen here: and learn more about Dr. Owens’ work at

EP 02: Two Ideas to Meditate Upon Always with Leah Aharoni: Azi speaks with Leah about her spiritual journey as well as two foundational ideas of the Jewish spiritual masters of centuries past. 

Their Kabbalah inspired ideas are simple to remember and can revolutionize our every day lives from the moment we begin utilizing them. 

This episode was chosen as a staff pick by “Insight Timer,” the worlds largest free meditation app now with over 8 million users.

Listen to ‘Two Ideas to Meditate Upon Always’ in the ‘Talks’ Section of Insight Timer

You can learn more about Leah Aharoni by visiting her website

Coming Soon (this section is updated regularly)

Psychologist, Rabbi, and author of ‘Living in The Presence: A Jewish Mindfulness Guide for Every Day Life,’ Benjamin Epstein, Ph,D. shares what is universal about mindfulness, and what is uniquely sacred and dually universal about ancient Jewish spiritual practices within mindfulness and meditation. You can learn more about his book here or in our upcoming episode, where he’ll speak about his newly published meditations and some other exciting works coming out soon.

Marc Cordon, positive psychology coach and author speaks about how he discovered the power of self talk, and why it is so important for psychological well being. You can view his TEDx talk on self-talk here: and learn more about Marc here:

Kim Cavallo, founder of the ‘LilSpace’ app joins us to speak about digital wellness and why she created this app to solve important problems. Visit to learn more about the app.

David Innocencio, founder of “The Beat Within” speaks about the justice system and how he founded this restorative organization. For 24 years, The Beat Within has been providing incarcerated youth and adults with consistent opportunities to share their ideas and life experiences safely and creatively. Learn more or get involved with this meaningful initiative here:

Lara Mizel, co-producer and star of ‘Ohr,’ shares her journey of losing her mother when she was in the earliest years of her life. Not only did she grow up without a mother, she grew up without knowing anything about her mother. Her story, as told vulnerably in the documentary, take the viewers on the journey with her as she uncovers a connection and learns about the story that had been hidden from her for over thirty five years. Learn more here:

An interview with ‘miracle child’ Kaylee Zeitouni, who healed herself of Multiple Sclerosis and now coaches well with her psychoneuroimmunology based approach here:

Yael Trusch, Internationally Renowned Speaker

Brad Yates, of ‘Tap with Brad’ (Check out his YouTube Channel)

Jim Farley, CEO of the Leichtag Foundation, Advancing self-sufficiency, vibrant Jewish life & social entrepreneurship in North San Diego County and Jerusalem.

And many more…

Stay tuned!