This is what masterminding is all about.

Our masterminding begins with exploring your ‘why.’

Identifying your deepest ‘why,’ and being present with this purpose can propel you forward along your path.

Your work is here to serve this world,

And our group is here to serve you.

We believe in continuously setting goals and honing the growth-mindset most conducive to your success!

These are powerful tools that boost goal achievement in multiples.

That’s right.


Whether you’re looking to launch a new business, increase productivity, boost your confidence, or work with more vitality and purpose, this is the place for inspiration, motivation, and connection.

An accountability group is a powerful way of making connections with like-minded people, and staying motivated and on track.

New groups are forming on a regular basis, at varying times in order to best accommodate your lifestyle and specific needs.

Groups are structured to be effective for each and every member.

You’ll get to know your group in a meaningful capacity, creating the connections that authentic relationships and networks are made of.

How can we best support you?

What could genuine connectedness and inspiration, honest feedback, and sincere support provide for you on your journey?

Motivation science.

Insight and inspiration.

That’s what this is all about.

“Dr. Azi’s accountability coaching gave me the confidence to present myself clearly and effectively…” -Laura, Marketing Executive

“Masterminding with Azriela has been excellent. I’ve seen business results … and that’s why I’m continuing.” -Kerry, Online Course Creator

“Azriela is INSPIRING!” – Rebecca, Inspirational Speaker

New masterminding groups will be opening in the Spring of 2020.

For updates an an opportunity to join in the Spring, please fill out your details below: