Azriela – ‘Azi’- is a contemporary spiritual teacher inspired to share universally relevant insights and experiences that enhance daily life and foster joy, purpose, and spiritual connection.

She is the author of ‘Beyond All Things,’ and host of the ‘Within Us’ Podcast.

Azriela has a Doctorate in Education, Master’s in Education, a Teaching Credential, Coaching certificates, and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Additionally, she has learned in a variety of institutions of Torah learning, and from an array of universally-oriented spiritual teachers.

She has studied beliefs, relationships, and rituals as well as their impact on transforming and enhancing lives.

How are our beliefs formed?

Are they serving us?

How can we change them to serve us even more?

How can we improve our relationships with others?

What is the origin of happiness?

How can we experience more of it?

These questions, and their answers have driven her writing, show, seminars, and transformational coaching work.

Her quest to live an authentic and meaningful life inspires her as the grateful mom of four to support an idealistic and entrepreneurial family, help her students and clients live sustainably happy lives, and keep on learning – one breath at a time.

She believes that joy, purpose, and spiritual connection are seeds within each one of us, and that in learning, contemplation, and intentional action, we can awaken and water those seeds.

To learn more about Azi’s work or connect further, simply leave your contact information here:

What people are saying:

“Learning with Azriela is inspiring. Each time I learned with her I left wanting more. She is much younger then I, but her wisdom and maturity is beyond her years. Azi has an authentic style to her teaching. She is relatable, she is calm, and she fills a room with wisdom. Everyone leaves inspired.”

-Lisa K, Women’s Spiritual Learning Groups, Los Angeles, California

“Azriela’s speech was great. The delivery. The message. Very powerful.”

-Annie Orenstein, Emuna World Center, Jerusalem

“Thank you Dr. Azi for your book. It is timely, and the wisdom that you impart will be beneficial to many. After reading it, I now start my days with gratitude.”

-Dr. Madeleine Mejia, Professor of Education, University of Southern California

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