In a recent conversation with one of my SOULcare students, I asked her about her life goals and aspirations.

She was finishing university after a long and arduous road through school; learning challenges had placed obstacles and stumbling blocks all along her path.

“I’m going to start working as soon as possible with the ultimate goal of setting up an organization to help children with learning differences,” she shared.

Touched by her generosity of spirit, I smiled.

And yet I knew that there was absolutely no reason to wait to start giving.

Even if this young woman did not have the monetary funds to set up her organization, she would have opportunities to be a ‘giver’ and achieve her goal of helping children long before the end of her career.

Each one of us have the ways and means to give of ourselves in this world.

When you think about your own life, what are some of the greatest gifts that you have been given?

Money is one way to give. There are so many others. We can give of our time. We can give the gift of listening to another human being. Being heard is one of life’s greatest gifts.

We can ask other people for advice.

I believe that the greatest teacher is one who turns a student inward to notice and nurture their inner wisdom.

We can give genuine compliments and express gratitude for the acts of kindness that we receive.

Research tells us that if we knew the effect of saying ‘thank you’ for what we receive, we would be doing it a lot more often.

We can receive.

This allows other people to experience the tremendous joy of giving.

The joy of giving and serving in this world is available to us in all moments.

Seeing the glimmer in my student’s eyes inspired me to share this idea with you.

What are you inspired to give?

I’d love to hear from you.

Every blessing,


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