Parenting through the noise…

As parents, we know that our work has lasting value. We know that our actions shape young lives. We know our WHY.

Yet… it is a noisy world,  and we are flooded with conflicting messages about how to parent, and how to make the best choices for our families.

You have that picture in your mind of that mind of where your children could be. You are there with them, celebrating their successes, and knowing that you’ve done everything to support and encourage them on their journey.

How did you get there?

As the old adage goes, ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ Yet, in the fast pace of today’s world and in a village that has expanded beyond recognition, it is not always clear where to find the best help when our children need help the most.

While the information about how to help our children to thrive is abundant, my clients appreciate and benefit greatly from the opportunity hone in and focus on finding and implementing the right tools for their child.  

You know your child best.

That provides you with the unique ability to help guide them on their journey.

You are so closely connected. It can be helpful to have a professional on your team. A sounding board to clarify your goals and values. To craft the philosophy which will drive your family forward. One which respects your needs and the needs of your child. We go for the win-win.

I did not set out to be a parenting consultant. But in my years of classroom teaching, working as an education specialist, and an academic coach, I found that collaborating with parents was the most effective way to impact a child’s education. And when I say education, I mean life.

As a lifetime educator and mother of four, I know that each child is unique. I also understand that parents share in the same struggles, which, so often, are not shared between friends. Raising our children is a most precious role in life. We aim to respect the dignity of our children, and yet so many of us struggle in the process.

Whether you are looking to help your child gain self confidence and direction, motivation, or success in academics or in their relationships, the support and guidance that you need is just a click away.

Growth and change in your family begins with you. It benefits all of you.

I believe in the power of relationships.

I believe that change is possible, and that by making even a small change, we can experience miraculous results.

Let me help you find your HOW.

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