Within each one of us is a perfectly unique spark…

This is your gift.

Given to you, so that you, in turn, can give to this world.

To live inspired… propelled by purpose.

It is the dawn of a new moment.

The world is constantly being re-created anew.

As are we.

My name is Azriela – ‘Azi’ – Jankovic.

I’m an educator, author, speaker, and podcast host on a mission to reveal the spiritual essence of this life.

My work draws upon cutting edge research and timeless spiritual teachings to help people just like you to live their best lives.

Increased productivity, heightened creativity, closer relationships, deeply rooted confidence….

These are some of the benefits of participating in my meditations, courses, groups, programs, retreats, and workshops.

All of it is designed to awaken the joy, purpose, and spiritual connection that lies naturally within us and within all of life.

Do you like to read? I’ve got a book for you.

Get your digital copy here or visit Amazon.com for paperbacks copies

Listen to podcasts?

On the Within Us Podcast, I interview a variety of special guests about their lives and endeavors, the spiritual teachings that inspire them, how these teachings and practices can better our lives, and, of course… how we can tap in to the power of these teachings and apply them … right now.

It is a buffet of timeless wisdom for today. You can listen and subscribe where ever you find podcasts, or by visiting anchor.fm/drazriela

Our Season One guest lineup includes wellness experts, relationship gurus, a business consultant who leads tours to far flung spiritual locations, a runner who went from couch to marathon and is now preparing for the Olympics, a musician who inspires joy, a professor of religion who teaches all types of people about the universal importance of purpose, a personal organizer who is inspiring a nation to live more mindfully, and several other humans who share a common bond:

Their lives are inspired and informed by timeless and universal spiritual teachings.

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